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Published On: Nov. 25, 2014, 12:50 a.m.
Chapter AGM on 15 March 2014

AGM was conducted on 15 March 2014. The following members participated in discussions

Vikram Kumar B T, Rajeev Panicker, Sanjay Bhaskaran, Dr. Krishna Kumar T I, Jayakrishnan P S, Raghunandan Menon, John, Narayanan N, Joe V C, Vishal Kumar, Anson R, Prasid T A, Thripthi R, Noble T, Joji J

Discussion Items


Discussion Item



Welcome / Introduction

· Rajiv welcomed and presented the general introduction of Chapter activities

Action Items



Board Change

· New Board took change as Vikram Kumar as the President

Action Items



Annual Reports Presented

· Various reports about chapter activities were presented and the AGM approved the reports

Action Items



Membership Fees

· Members said that the $2 membership was too low and it should be increased

Action Items

· AGM agreed to increase the membership fees to $5 from April 1st Onwards


Website User Experience

· The PMIK website is not giving a proper user experience

Action Items

· Need to port it to a new portal

· Integrate the membership login same as the PMI International

· Appoint a person to take care of day-to-day email and communication

· Check the options of introducing RSS feed and Bulk SMS’s


Volunteer Base

· PMIK active volunteer base is not healthy

Action Items

· All members to help create a healthy volunteer base


Online sessions

· PMIK to check the possibility of having the sessions to be online

Action Items

· Training, Seminars, PDD’s and other meetings to be available online

· Advance notification of events to all members using multiple media


Token of Appreciation

· Mr. John was rewarded for his continuous help and support by the AGM

· All attended members were give the mobile charger as gift

Action Items



Annual Conference

· PMIK annual conference is planned for June 14th at Hotel Crown Plaza at Cochin. All members are requested to help and support

Action Items



Vote of Thanks

· Vikram Kumar expressed the vote of thanks and then the AGM was wrapped up with the Dinner.

Published On: March 20, 2014, 3:40 a.m.
New Board of Directors for 2014

Elections to the chapter board positions have been completed on 22 Feb 2014 and the election officer has made the following announcement:


Dear PMI Trivandrum Kerala Chapter member,

 Hope you have seen the nominations published on the website. I am providing the final status of the nominations and elections below.

·           We have received a total of five nominations against the five positions that are open. 

·           All 5 were accepted and there was no withdrawal of nomination.

·           All the five positions had only one nomination each and therefore do not require an election.

Congratulations to the following members of the PMI Trivandrum Kerala Chapter Executive Committee! 


Nominees PMI ID


Dr Vikram Kumar B T



Sanjay Bhaskaran


Vice President - Finance [Treasurer]

Pradeep Kumar Kalampukatt


Vice President (Operations)- Secretary

Eldho Roshan Rajan


Vice President- Education

Dr. Krishna Kumar T I


Vice President - Professional Development

Best Regards,

Ravikumar Balan

Election Officer, PMI Trivandrum Kerala Chapter

Published On: Feb. 23, 2014, 1:53 p.m.