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Elections to the Board 2015 - Results

Dear PMI Kerala Chapter Members,


As you know the voting for the position of VP- Volunteers was on, and got completed at 5 PM IST on 19 Jan 2015.  Here is the result:

Total Number of votes received:  75

Total Numbe rof valid votes: 75

Jayakrishnan nair:  43

Dileep K S:  32


Jayakrishnan Nair is declared elected as the VP Volunteers.  Congratulations Jayakrishnan Nair!

Thank you Dileep for participating in the election process.


With this, here is the final list of candidates who got elected for the positions announced for elections this year


VP Volunteers :  Jayakrishnan Nair

VP Membership: Anu Francis John

VP Governance:  Divya Mary Thomas

VP Marketing : Rinosh Jacob Kurian


Congratulations to all of you.


With this my duty as election officer 2015 comes to an end. Thanks you all in the chapter for helping me to conduct a smooth election.




Elections Officer

Published On: Jan. 19, 2015, 10:41 p.m.
Membership Renewal Link

Dear Member,

Now you can renew your membership directly from chapter website. Please click the link below



Published On: Jan. 19, 2015, 12:50 a.m.
Elections to the Board- Voting Open

Dear Chapter Member,

Here is the status of nominations.





Status of Nomination


Raghunandan Menon

UST Global

VP- Membership



Jayakrishnan Nair

SunTec Business Solutions

VP – Volunteers

Election announced


Divya Mary Thomas

UST Global

VP – Governance

Elected unopposed


Dileep K S

IBM India

VP – Volunteers

Election announced


Anu Francis John

IIM Kozhikode

VP – Membership

Elected unopposed


Rinosh Kurian

UST Global

VP – Marketing

Elected unopposed


Congratulations to Divya Mary Thomas, Anu Francis John and Rinosh Kurian for getting elected as unopposed to the positions of VP- Governance, VP- Membership and VP-Marketing respectively.

 As per the communication earlier, elections are now open for the position of VP – Volunteers and the contestants are:


  1. Jayakrishnan S Nair (PMI ID 1300890) -
  2. Dileep K S (PMI ID 2258736) -

 Please send in your vote in the following format and send only to latest by 5 PM IST on 19th Jan 2015.


Your Name:

Your PMI ID:

Your vote :  (Jayakrishnan Nair or Dileep K S)

 Please note that only one vote from a member will be accepted. If more than one submitted, only the latest one will be considered. The vote will be considered as invalid if any of the following is true

 a)      Your name and PMI ID not mentioned

b)      Email coming from an email ID other than your (this)  email ID registered with

c)       No selection of a candidate

d)      Email  not addressed to

e)      Your PMI ID has expired


Thank you for participating in the election process




Elections Officer

Published On: Jan. 14, 2015, 2:54 p.m.